Actor and Filmmaker Corbin Bernsen Says Divisiveness Between Christians and Non-Believers is ‘Dangerous and Venomous’

Corbin Bernson at The Movieguide Awards in Hollywood, California, on Jan. 24, 2020. | Christian Post

Hollywood actor and Christian filmmaker Corbin Bernsen attended the 28th annual Movieguide Awards where he talked to The Christian Post about the divisiveness he sometimes sees between believers and nonbelievers.

Bernsen has worked in Hollywood for half a century and more recently has been creating and starring in faith-based entertainment. However, he is not using his influence in Hollywood to convert people to what he believes.

“I think my journey, is not about, ‘I’m Christian, come to Jesus.’ I’m not that. I have my own relationship with God, my own relationship with Christ — that’s the way it works for me. I have my very special, private relationship,” Bernsen said last month while walking the red carpet of the popular award show which honors faith and family content.

“What we see today, this sort of clash of believers [and] nonbelievers, of any faith really. People over here are like, ‘I don’t want any of that stuff. I don’t care what package you put it in or what you want to call it, I don’t want it,’ “The Resident” star illustrated.

Bernsen, who is gearing up for the Valentine’s Day release of the new “faith-friendly” movie “First Lady,” went on to say that the separation of believers and nonbelievers is critical.

“That collision has become dangerous and venomous. It’s not that I want one side to accept the other, and the other to accept the other, but I think we have to come to a place of mutual respect.

You’re never going to solve all the problems, things that Christians want legally, other people don’t want,” he told CP.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law