From Haiti with Love Burn Clinic Treats All Patients for Free

A girl holds national flag of Haiti before Pope Francis’ arrival at the Campus Misericordiae during World Youth Day in Brzegi, near Krakow, Poland July 30, 2016. REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

From Haiti with Love is the only free burn clinic in the country, and Haiti desperately needs it.

Last Thursday, a fire burned an orphanage in Haiti, killing 15 children. Not only was the orphanage unprepared for the fire (the living conditions were cramped and dirty, and candles were used for lighting), but firefighters took 90 minutes to respond. When they did arrive, they lacked the equipment necessary to save any of the children, such as bottled oxygen.

This tragedy only highlights the danger posed to Haitian citizens by fire and burning, and ongoing unrest in this poverty-stricken country doesn’t help.

The clinic

Eve DeHart from From Haiti with Love points out that every burn is unique, and that many burns result from people falling off overcrowded motorcycles (these vehicles are used as taxis.) Others result from house fires. Children are often burned from falling or reaching into pots of cooking food.

Because burn victims need bandage changes, the small clinic treated almost 600 people by themselves in January. “So for a relatively small organization, that’s a lot of gloves. That’s a lot of bandages. That’s a lot of tape. That’s a lot of masks. That’s a lot of burn cream. That’s a lot of antibiotic cream for the cuts.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Consider giving to For Haiti With Love so that they would have the money and equipment to treat everyone who comes to them.
  • Pray that the patients would all be healed, and that many would embrace Jesus as Lord.