Christians in China Set Good Example of How to Deal with Coronavirus Plague

Bridge in Wuhan, the city in China most affected by the coronavirus. (Image courtesy of Pixabay)

The COVID-19 crisis may be over in China, but local believers are sharing with Christians in countries still going through it. For MNN coverage on the coronavirus click here. For the Prayercast video, click here.

Christians in China now pray for us, according to Kurt Rovensteine of Bibles for China. While the COVID-19 virus originated in China, the country has long seen the outbreak declining. Last week, China actually started reporting no new domestic cases. The cases they do see are imported.

Bibles for China works with the local Chinese church to provide free Bibles for Christians in country. Many of their partners have reached out as things in the country get back to normal. Rovenstine says Christians in China are praying for fellow believers in other countries hit hard by the virus.

Chinese Christians sharing their wisdom and experience

What are Christians in China sharing with their brothers and sisters? Practical things, Rovensteine says. “Just be careful. [Be] cautious of travel and those kinds of things. But it’s always about the attitude of prayer and trusting God. And I think . . . their level of faith that God’s got this thing under control, even when it seems like we don’t [is very encouraging].”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would destroy the coronavirus all around the world.
  • Thank God for the witness of the Christian Church in China.
  • Pray that Christ would continue to cover China with his Kingdom.