Syrian Coalition Forces Stop Organized Breakout by ISIS Prisoners After Prison Riot

(Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Coalition forces have regained control of a prison in northeast Syria after ISIS prisoners organized a breakout. Prisoners disabled security cameras and then rioted, but officials say no one escaped.

This prison riot occurred in Syria, but the threat exists everywhere ISIS does. Last week, the Islamic State called on followers worldwide to exploit security gaps caused by the coronavirus. See our full coronavirus coverage here.

“There’s so much work that has to go into containing this coronavirus. In the midst of chaos like this, this is the perfect scenario for terrorist groups to slip in and do some damage,” Uncharted Ministries’ Tom Doyle explains.

“Once the world spotlight is off, they feel free to move and come up with another plan to unleash on humanity. We have to be ready for more.”

Typically, Doyle says, terrorists increase their attacks on believers during the Easter holiday – which is just around the corner.

ISIS prisoners aren’t the only concern

Every spring, believers around the world gather to commemorate Christ’s death and resurrection. Whether it’s called Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday, persecution typically spikes on this holiday, and in the days leading up to it.

“From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday is like our ‘hot zone’ for Christians around the world,” Doyle says. “This is what Satan does: he attacks Christians during Passion Week…he hates Resurrection Day, so believers pay the price.”

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SOURCE: Mission  Network News, Katey Hearth


  • Ask the Lord to use the pandemic for His glory, and that millions would come to faith in Christ through this crisis.
  • Pray God will stop the the virus from spreading further.
  • Pray He will protect believers who face increased risk during the Easter season.