Kate Middleton Shares Several Self-Taken Photos Of Prince Louis For His 2nd Birthday

Prince Louis’s birthday is about to begin in the UK, and to kick the festivities off, Kate Middleton and Prince William shared several new photos of their youngest child on their Kensington Royal Instagram. Louis, who is turning two, appears finger painting to create rainbow artwork in support of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). His mother took the photos this month while the family was in quarantine.

“Sharing a sneak peek of Prince Louis’s handiwork ahead of his second birthday! 🎨” the couple captioned the shots. “We are pleased to share images ahead of Prince Louis’s second birthday tomorrow, taken by The Duchess this April.”

These photos are a very rare glimpse of Louis, who hasn’t been photographed out in public since the holidays, when he was riding with his parents to Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s holiday luncheon.

SOURCE: ELLE, Alyssa Bailey