Washington Redskins Draft Liberty University Wide Receiver Antonio Gandy-Golden in 4th Round of 2020 NFL Draft

When the Redskins drafted Antonio Gandy-Golden in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, the team added another playmaker for its young quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

But Gandy-Golden is a man of many talents – and apparently with the ability to learn new skills quickly. He can complete a Rubik’s cube in 44 seconds, he’s bowled a perfect game, he does gymnastics, can throw a football from his knees and hit the crossbar, among other impressive feats.

Simply put, Gandy-Golden is a fast learner — a skill that will bode well in what will be a significantly-altered leadup to the season for the league’s newest rookie class.

“For me, you know, I like to be in competition. And with those things, I like to be in competition with myself,” Gandy-Golden said in an interview during the Redskins on the Clock show. “It’s just a lot of fun, just picking up new things.”

Gandy-Golden was the second offensive weapon Ron Rivera and company brought into the mix for Haskins, joining third-round pick Antonio Gibson — a receiver-running back hybrid from Memphis.

Those two prospects bring different skills to the table. Gibson is expected to be a do-it-all player that offensive coordinator Scott Turner can deploy in a number of ways. Meanwhile, Gandy-Golden is a physical, 6-foot-4 receiver who can beat defenses with his separation at the top of the route and ability to come down with contested catches.

“I’d say my game is physical. I feel like it’s very polished as far as just my catching, you know, being able to get the ball through the defenders,” Gandy-Golden said. “I definitely love Julio Jones and Larry Fitzgerald — those are two of my favorites receivers. I try to model my game after those guys.”

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SOURCE: NBC Sports, Eric Myers