LISTEN: Tennessee Pastor Allen Jackson Recalls How Miraculous Healing Brought His Family to Faith in Christ

Pastor Allen Jackson has served World Outreach Church since 1981, becoming senior pastor in 1989. Under his leadership, WOC has grown to a congregation of over 15,000 through outreach activities, community events and worship services designed to share the Gospel. | Courtesy of Thomas Nelson

Allen Jackson, lead pastor at World Outreach Church — a 15,000-member church located in Nashville, Tennessee — recently recalled how an incredible miracle transformed his family’s faith.

In a recent interview with “The Pure Flix Podcast,” Jackson, author of the new book, Intentional Faith: Aligning Your Life with the Heart of God, recounted his upbringing and how his family found Christ many years ago through his mother’s cancer diagnosis.

As the family departed for testing at the Mayo Clinic one day, his mom made the decision to turn to God. Jackson explained, “She prayed a little prayer to ‘let me know the truth so I can tell my children.”

And what happened next was absolutely incredible: the cancer disappeared and her family learned the truth.

“They got [to the doctor] and they couldn’t find the tumors,” Jackson said.

Listen to more of Jackson’s incredible story:

It was that prayer and an act of reliance that changed everything. And then his mom was washing dishes after her healing and she heard a voice that said, “You asked to know the truth before you died.” The voice continued: “I am the way, the truth and the light.”

Jackson said his mother then went to the Bible and found that verse in John and learned what the gospel truly means. That experience transformed Jackson’s life, though he said he was still distant from church afterward because he found it stuffy and formal.

“I didn’t like ministers,” he recalled. “This was 40 years ago when pastors wore black robes and were always serious and I liked to laugh and I thought, ‘I can’t do that,’” he recalled.

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SOURCE: Christian Post;, Billy Hallowell