Rock ‘n’ Roll Icon Little Richard Dead at 87: Here’s his Powerful Testimony of How he Gave his Life to Jesus Christ

Little RIchard performs. (CBN)

The pastor and close friend of groundbreaking rock ‘n’ roll icon Little Richard is reporting that he has died at the age of 87. Pastor Bill Minson says Little Richard passed into eternity on Saturday morning.

The dynamic and often flamboyant performer was one of the founding fathers of rock ‘n’ roll. He spent many years living without God, but near the end of his life, he found faith in Jesus Christ.

Three years ago, CBN News reported about his dramatic conversion to become a follower of Christ. Here’s that uplifting testimony:


Little Richard Rejects ‘Omnisexual’ Past: ‘I Want to Be Holy Like Jesus’

In previous interviews, the famous singer referred to himself as “omnisexual,” revealing in an interview with GQ five years ago that he lived a life of perversion, including orgies with men and women.

But in an extensive interview with Three Angels Broadcasting Network, an Illinois-based Christian TV and radio network, Little Richard says you can’t live that way and go to heaven, referring to “unnatural affections” that include same-sex relationships.

“When I first came in show business they wanted you to look like everybody but yourself,” he recalled.

“And anybody that come into show business, they gonna come at you and say you’re gay, you’re straight, you’re a homosexual or something,” he said. “But God, Jesus, made men men, He made women women, and you’ve got to live the way God wants you live…he can save you,” the 84-year-old singer told Christian broadcaster 3ABN.

The singer admits he fell to the temptations of the entertainment industry.

In Charles White’s biography, The Life And Times Of Little Richard, Richard, who’s given name is Richard Wayne Penniman, revealed that his marriage to Ernestine Campbell fell apart due to his sexuality and being neglectful.

“You know, all these things. So much unnatural affection,” the singer told the network. “So much of people just doing everything and don’t think about God. Don’t want no parts of Him.”

“I was talking to Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine and she said she believed in the Resurrection. I said I believed in the Resurrection too. But I believe you’ve got to live right now in Jesus. He’s a real Savior and the Prince of Life,” he added.

“Regardless of whatever you are, He loves you. I don’t care what you are. He loves you and He can save you. All you’ve got to do is say, ‘Lord, take me as I am. I’m a sinner.’ But we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. The only holy, righteous person is Jesus and He wants us to be just like Him because, in order to go to Heaven, we’ve got to look like Him,” Richard continued.

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