Pastor’s Ministry Provides Vital Aid to Desperate Families in Coronavirus Lockdown in Northern India

Pastor Bashir’s church distributes vital food supplies.

A pastor in Northern India is overcoming huge obstacles to alleviate the suffering of countless lives in his community.

With very few resources Pastor Bashir and his team are providing vital food supplies to some of the most deprived communities as well running regular medical clinics. In an interview with the Global News Alliance he explained more about the calling God gave himself and his wife to such a compassionate ministry:

“During this lockdown period there’s no work, there’s no income. Therefore, the believers are going through hard times. They do not have enough food at their homes, so they are having difficulties to provide food to their children and even for themselves. Therefore, as a minister of the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ I cannot sit at home quietly when the believers and their relatives and their neighbours are going through hard times and when there’s not enough food for themselves.”

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SOURCE: Assist News, Peter Wooding