Office Shooting in Saint-Varent, France, Leaves Three Dead and One Injured

Three people were killed and one injured in western France on Wednesday after a man opened fire during a business meeting, national police told CNN.

Police said the motive is unclear but there is a professional link between the shooter — who is also injured — and the company in Saint-Varent, France, where the incident took place. The town is about 366 kilometers (277 miles) southwest of Paris.

“The events happened today in a quarry in Saint-Varent, in the office buildings for a material extraction company,” a spokeswoman for the national police said.

“An employee whose status is currently unknown burst into the company’s administrative offices and entered a room where a business meeting was taking place.”

The man, who police say was was armed with a handgun, ultimately “turned the gun on himself ” the spokeswoman said. “He is now injured and was transferred to the hospital where he is in life-threatening condition.”

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SOURCE: CNN, Benjamin Berteau