The Pain of Multiple Miscarriages Leads Hindu Woman and her Husband to New Birth in Jesus Christ

After her first miscarriage, Tanvi Lal* went for ritual washing according to Hindu custom in eastern India, and a year later she was pregnant again. In her sixth month, she miscarried again.

The next time she was pregnant, she visited many temples and offered every possible sacrifice to encourage the gods to grant her a child. After more than six years of marriage, the cultural pressure on her to give birth was intense. The Lals also spent the equivalent of thousands of dollars consulting with top doctors at the best hospitals.

She carried the baby to term but suffered a high fever during delivery.

“A baby girl was born, but after one hour she died,” the leader of a local ministry said. “The news made Tanvi unconscious, and after that she was attacked by terrible headache and fever. She cried to her gods to save her, but there was no help from anywhere.”