Tiananmen Square Massacre Survivor Shares Message of Hope With America: “Refuse All Violence, Let God Guide You in Peace”

(Wikimedia Commons)

With a broken heart, Dr. Jianli Yang, one of the student leaders at the Tiananmen Square Massacre, which ran from April 15 to June 4 in 1989, has a message for the young people of America.

“Thirty-one years ago, 10,000 of my friends were massacred by the Communists at Tiananmen Square,” Yang said. “Please listen to me. We never, ever resorted to violence. We are always peaceful. It was the Communists who rolled over us with their tanks and slaughtered my dear friends.

“Thirty-one years later, as I remember those days, it is juxtaxposed with the terrible scenes of America’s young people now. Just like us, 31 years ago, we were full of hope. At the same time, we notice a different group who remind us of the Communists who destroyed our movement and broke the bodies of my friends.

“I implore you today, on the 31st anniversary of our Tiananmen, to refuse all violence, all threats, all burning and harm to anyone. The only ones who use violence are the Communists.

“We went before you. We believe in you. We are here to support you.”

Jianli also tells the story of how he was caught and kept in five years of solitary confinement.

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SOURCE: Charisma News, Amir George