Local Missionaries Trust in God During Desperate Times while Serving the Poor in the Philippines

Even as their own resources have dwindled amid the global coronavirus crisis, local missionaries in the Philippines are taking extraordinary measures to get aid to needy people hit by the pandemic.

Before transportation was banned in his area, one volunteer missionary took a part-time job as a taxi driver to survive; paying half of his proceeds to the taxi owner for the rental of the vehicle, he earned enough to buy only two kilos of rice for himself. He also picked up goods to be distributed to the needy under the ministry’s care, but the next day he fell ill and self-quarantined, the ministry leader said.

As the symptoms of the novel coronavirus mimic those of the flu, the worker, like hundreds of thousands of people around the world, did not know if he had contracted the potentially deadly virus.

“Praise God, his health condition improved,” the leader said. “We are planning to bring more food supplies and some essentials in their outreach. We’re purchasing, packaging and distributing goods to volunteers for them to distribute.”