Muslim Refugee Finds New Life in Jesus Christ – but Relatives Do Not Approve

Traumatized from violence in northern Iraq, Ayesha* was weak with an unknown illness after she and her young children took refuge in Jordan.

Her Muslim husband had taken up residence in Baghdad after the destruction of their home and belongings. His mother knew that Ayesha was receiving help from Christians in Jordan and pressured him to bring the children to Baghdad so they could grow up close to their Islamic roots, according to the director of a native ministry.

Ayesha’s mother belonged to a devout Muslim sect, and her late father had been Zoroastrian. His passing away as the Islamic State took territory in Iraq had devastated her. He had been the most important person to her growing up, giving her love, guidance and self-confidence in spite of the cultural restrictions imposed on girls. She recalled him as spiritually open and loving all people.

He had been accomplished in business, and Ayesha too had excelled in positions with different companies after obtaining her degree in agricultural engineering, the ministry leader said.

Now living in a run-down apartment as a refugee, her father’s passing was still fresh in her mind. Ayesha was grateful for the aid and skills training the native ministry’s sewing trainer provided as she told Ayesha about the God of the Bible.