Only Jesus Christ Can Change Cultural Attitude Towards Domestic Violence in Former Soviet Union

Image shows Natalya and her children. (Photo courtesy of SGA on Facebook)

In 2017, Russia made the decision to downgrade domestic violence from a criminal offense to a misdemeanor for first-time offenders.

This ruling sparked a backlash in Russia, and many women are still vocally trying to find justice in the country today. But Eric Mock of Slavic Gospel Association says the problem isn’t just legal; the new laws stem from cultural attitudes in Russia and other Slavic nations that devalue women.

Damaging cultural attitudes

Mock shares a story from his ministry. “I was teaching out of Genesis and talking about . . . the equal value of men and women. One of the ladies stood up and said, ‘We were raised, thinking that it was beneficial for a husband to beat a wife so that the wife would learn how to be more godly.’”

To make matter worse, police rarely respond to domestic violence cases. Mock says, “Women that come to the police department, they are basically put on a waiting list to have an officer respond to them. Time and time again, many of these women suffer in silence.”

Mock says only Jesus Christ can change these attitudes and awful cultural assumptions. “What we see is a tremendous transformation that occurs when men and women come to faith. We’re seeing relationships that are restored and the dignity of each life set as it should be.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


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