Indian Christians Told to Renounce Christ or Lose Aid

Image shows a Hindu statue in India. (Image by Harikrishnan Mangayil from Pixabay)

In several countries with minority Christian populations, believers now face a choice: recant their Christian faith or face starvation as COVID-19 aid is withheld.

Greg Kelley from World Mission says Christians in India regularly face religious discrimination, often from Hindu nationalists. “Just last week, as a matter of fact, we heard that two of our pastors were beaten quite extensively by some Hindu extremists. And it totally goes unpunished because the local authorities are not really stepping up. They don’t do anything about it because Hinduism is the majority religion. (It would be) tattling on your friends, so to speak. It just doesn’t happen. And Christians are the ones who suffer the most.”

COVID-19 has made daily life harder in India. Many live in poverty and anxiety even in normal circumstances, but under lockdown, it’s even worse. Kelley says, “If someone’s caught outside, they’re beaten, thrown in prison. And if you’re Christian, you’re given all the less grace poverty and anxiety as you’re trying to provide for your family.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Ask God to continue drawing outcasts to Christ and building His kingdom in India.
  • Consider supporting World Mission to help more hear the Gospel for the first time.
  • Pray that Christians in India would get the food and aid that they need during COVID-19.