Virtual ‘NATIONSWORSHIP’ Event Hopes to Unite Global Church

Photo courtesy of Global Disciples.

Between a pandemic, social tensions, and political conflict, our world today is riddled with division. Lots of people have ideas to address the chaos, but there aren’t many public figures saying, “You know what we need? One big, international worship service.” But that’s exactly what Global Disciples says.

Coming up on November 20, Global Disciples will be hosting an international Christian worship event called NATIONSWORSHIP. The free event will be hosted in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and broadcasted online for WorshipWatch Parties and individuals worldwide to tune into.

Tim Singer*, Global Disciples’ worship specialist says, “We feel it’s really important that we come together and worship together and — as the Body of Christ — stand together as one, saying that there is nothing that will divide us. Our oneness is in Christ and…no matter how difficult things may be, we want to focus on giving thanks and proclaiming who Christ is, that He reigns over the whole world and that He gives us hope.”

NATIONSWORSHIP will have times of worship and praise as well as contemplative prayer, personal stories from believers around the world, and even various forms of inspired art.

“We’d be glad for new songs, some artwork, [and] some different types of digital media that could be put into this worship experience.”

Singer says Global Disciples is also “asking for video submissions from creative people from all over the world that we can put together to give glimpses of what worship is like in different cultures, including our own.”

Even if they can’t include your submission in the event, Global Disciples will have a page to post extra content from artists over the following months.

And, of course, be sure to mark November 20 on your calendars. You can register here for NATIONSWORSHIP to get the Livestream link.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh


  • Pray for Global Disciples as they prepare to host NATIONSWORSHIP and bring the Body of Christ together.
  • Ask God to bless the Church with a greater sense of unity amidst global uncertainty.
  • Thank the Lord for the opportunity to praise Him along with Christian brothers and sisters globally.