Audio Bibles Transforming the Malila People

Listening to a MegaVoice audio player

People are understanding the Scriptures more, and some are coming to faith in Jesus as they hear the Word of God through the Malila audio Scriptures, according to Wycliffe Bible Translators.

The charity says although the Malila will receive their printed New Testament later this month, the fact that Scripture is already available in audio form is bringing transformation even before the books arrive.

The audio Scriptures are being relayed via solar-powered audio players made by MegaVoice. Majaliwa Mwangwale, who is the Literacy and Scripture Engagement Coordinator for the Malila Bible translation project, reports about a Malila pastor who is using the audio Scriptures:

‘Pastor Safari Mwamahonje, from a church in the village of Shinzingo, had been given a MegaVoice player to listen to the word of God together with others. He says, “This device has made me very happy. Teaching the Word of God has become easy as you just need to switch the device on. With the Malila language being used it’s easy for the listeners to understand it. Also, whenever I go to people’s homes, this device is given great prominence, such that it is called ‘God’s spokesman to his people’. A lot of people have been reached with the Word of God through this device. And I have got new believers in my church who have heard the Word of God through it. May Jesus be given the praise in this.”’

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SOURCE: Assist News Service