Global Disciples Celebrates 25 Years, Equipping Local Christians to Reach the Least-reached with the Gospel

(Photo courtesy of Global Disciples)

Today, Global Disciples is celebrating 25 years of faithful ministry! Their mission: To get the Gospel to the least-reached by equipping local Christians.

Wendy Nagle with Global Disciples says, “It started as a really amazing idea of what would happen if you could empower people in churches who are already there. It sounded like a [farfetched] idea in the mission world 25 years ago. Now it’s a proven model, and it really is time to…pass the vision on to the next generation.”

As Global Disciples looks to the next 25 years, Lord-willing, they hope to inspire the next generation of believers to carry the torch and fuel disciple-making missions around the world.

Kent Mast with Mast Film Co is a strategic partner of Global Disciples. He says the ministry is seeing a movement of the Holy Spirit and younger believers need to get involved.

“I think some of my generation – the younger generation – I think we’re kind of bored maybe. I think we’re kind of stuck. I can’t speak for a whole generation. I know lots of people who are on fire daily living this out with Jesus and with His Spirit…. But then there’s this other [group]. We don’t even know what to do. Is this still going on? Is this still happening? Is Jesus still moving like that?”

The answer is yes! In just one year, Global Disciples saw more than 3,500 new churches planted with over 83,500 new believers. They operate in 62 countries around the world and continue to see growth.

“The stories that are coming from Global Disciples [are] just insane,” Mast says. “I think that my generation needs to hear those stories.”

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SOURCE: Mission News Network, Lyndsey Koh


  • Thank God for using Global Disciples these last 25 years to advance the Gospel.
  • Pray for the next 25 years (and more!) at Global Disciples to be fruitful in reaching the least-reached.