Pakistan Court Orders Release of 13-Year-Old Christian Girl Kidnapped and Tortured by Muslim Man

Farah Shaheen at New Convent School in Faisalabad on Feb. 16. (Photo: Lala Robin Daniel)

A Pakistani court has ordered the release of a teenage Christian girl who was abducted, forcibly converted to Islam, married to a 45-year-old Muslim man and later moved to a government-run shelter home.

Faisalabad Session Court on Feb. 16 also allowed Farah Shaheen, 13, to rejoin her family.

“She wants to live with her father. Since the marriage between Farah Shaheen and Khizar Hayat has not been registered and Nikah [marriage contract] has not been verified by the Union Council concerned, she cannot be kept in Dar ul Aman [shelter house] for an indefinite period,” said Judge Rana Masood Akhtar.

“The petitioner, father of Mst. Farah Shaheen, also has given an undertaking that he and his family members shall properly take care of Mst. Farah Shaheen and that they will not allow anybody else to cause any harm to her life and liberty.”

Farah’s parents had been struggling for her recovery since last June and had complained to police about the kidnapping of their daughter by three Muslims from their house in the Ahmedabad area of Faisalabad in Punjab province.

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SOURCE: UCA News, Kamran Chaudhry