15-year-old Christian Boy in Laos Kicked Out of Home for His Faith

The parents of Kimsan*, a 15-year-old boy in Laos, gathered up all his belongings, stuffed them into a bag and threw it at his face.

“Go stay with those Christian friends or leaders of yours,” his father said, referring to a friend and local missionaries discipling Kimsan after he became a Christian three weeks before. “If you want to live here, want to be our son and want to eat at our dinner table, stop this religion at once.”

As Kimsan left his home in a village whose name is undisclosed for security reasons, his father went out to report him to the village head.

This was not the first time Kimsan had felt the sting of rejection for his new faith. A week before, his parents sat him down for a serious talk after learning of his departure from their ancestral beliefs, the leader of a local ministry said.