Drug Addicted Inmate in Myanmar Receives Hope and Healing

Amid death and despair in a country wracked by COVID-19, local missionaries in Burma (Myanmar) are going to streets, parks and prisons, daring to offer help and hope.

With 1,400 new coronavirus cases reported each day and a daily toll of 25 deaths, the pandemic has kept workers in the majority-Buddhist country from organizing evangelistic camps and other large gatherings. Instead, they are sharing rice and Gospel tracts in public places while taking the appropriate precautions, the leader of a local ministry said.

“COVID-19 causes many people to be jobless and hopeless, especially in the poor areas where we are living, but we bring hope to those people by encouraging them in the word of God and help them by distributing rice, which is our main food, for them as much as we can,” the leader said.

Local missionaries recently distributed rice to more than 300 people and Gospel tracts to at least 500.