Muslim Woman in Middle East who Attacked Preacher Online because he Preached the Gospel Now Worships Jesus with her Family

A Muslim woman in the Middle East just wanted to pass some time when she decided to watch a Facebook video about Christianity, but when she heard the speaker say that Jesus is God, she fired off some insulting replies.

Rojda* also messaged the teacher, a native missionary, that Jesus of Nazareth was merely a prophet. She requested a New Testament under a false name so she could cite passages from the Bible itself to prove this to him, she said.

“Yet, as I read the New Testament, my whole attitude changed,” Rojda said. “My husband noticed that I was reading a New Testament, and I quickly hid it with fear of what he would do to me.”

Surprisingly, her husband gently told her that he had attended a church service out of curiosity while visiting another city, she said. He told her he’d heard about a church in their city and suggested they visit it. Rojda then opened a new Facebook account, connected with the local missionary she had reviled before and asked him – a convert from Islam – some questions about his faith.