Two Pakistani Christians Arrested for Reading the Bible Aloud in a Park

Image shows a scene from Lahore, Pakistan. (Image by tayyab3425 from Pixabay)

Two Christian men were harassed and arrested in Lahore, Pakistan last week. Their crime? Reading the Bible aloud in a public park. One of the men was arrested at the scene, and the other was caught after fleeing.

A Muslim man commanded them to stop and gathered a group of others to surround them. Nehemiah of FMI says this case doesn’t even fit Pakistan’s draconian blasphemy laws: “Actually, the blasphemy law [only applies] if you say something against Muslims, the Prophet Muhammad, their holy book the Quran, or Allah. But the sad part is, they never said anything about those things. They were just reading the Bible there in the park.”

The plight of Pakistani Christians

Muslims regularly make bogus accusations against Pakistani Christians, often to steal property after they have been imprisoned. Many Pakistani Christians live in poverty, treated as the lowest of society.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Pray God will strengthen Pakistani Christians and FMI ministry partners in the country.
  • Ask God to comfort these two men, and pray they would be released.