Horizons International Helps Lebanese Christians Get Hired by U.S. Businesses

Photo courtesy of Horizons International.

As Lebanon’s financial crisis worsens, people aren’t being paid enough to buy food. Even very educated men and women can’t get jobs that make enough money.

Horizons International wants to help by joining these people in Lebanon with businesses and ministries in the U.S. Pierre Houssney says, “Some of my friends in the US have businesses that they work for, or that they own. They are figuring out what little tasks here and there they could outsource to somebody that’s capable and that would only need a little bit of training and guidance.”

It’s all about paying these believers a sustainable, living wage. The tasks might include graphic design, video editing, or even accounting services. Houssney says one American pastor employs people in Lebanon for an E-commerce website that supports his ministry.

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Kevin Zeller


  • Consider supporting Lebanese Christians by hiring them for remote work.
  • Ask God to grow the Church in the Middle East.