WATCH: In Interview, Ex-Trump Adviser, Pastor A.R. Bernard, says Trump is Not God’s Choice but a ‘Concession,’ Like Bible’s King Saul

Pastor A.R. Bernard at Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. Photo by Michael Chan via

Prominent New York City megachurch preacher and former member of President Donald Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Council, A.R. Bernard, says while some evangelicals have heralded the president as God’s choice, he believes the billionaire leader is more like King Saul in the Bible, a “concession.”

University of Minnesota Censors Christmas on Campus

University of Minnesota officials recently distributed a document titled, “Religious Diversity and the Holidays,” to employees and student workers advising them to keep “inappropriate religious celebrations” out of public spaces. The document was distributed at the University as part of a “Dean’s Dialogues: Respecting Religious Diversity […]