Billy Graham Spoke to America, Its Social Issues, Told Us How to Be Free and Offered Us All Hope by Dr. Mark Creech


Among the dozens of things written about Billy Graham’s passing earlier this week,  I found a statement on the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) website. In a statement about the world-renowned evangelist’s death, FFRF noted a time when Christopher Hitchens, who has been hailed as an antitheist, was […]

Daniel Whyte III Calls On Pastors to Preach Evangelistic Messages (Or Preach One of Billy Graham’s Messages) this Sunday and for Christians to Pass Out Billy Graham’s Famous “Steps to Peace With God” Gospel Tract in Honor of his Life and for the Glory of the God Who Used Him


Daniel Whyte III, president of Gospel Light Society International, is calling on all pastors to either preach a Gospel message or preach an adaptation of one of Billy Graham’s evangelistic messages this Sunday in honor of his life and for the glory of the God […]