WATCH: John MacArthur Says Even Though His Views on Social Issues Are Controversial, His Goal as a Pastor is to ‘Offend Everyone’ Because Christianity That is ‘Inoffensive’ Isn’t Christianity at All

John MacArthur recently said that while his views on hot-button issues like homosexuality are controversial, his goal as a pastor is to “offend everyone” because any brand of Christianity that is “inoffensive” isn’t Christianity at all.

WATCH: How God Restored This Pastor’s Wife’s Marriage After she Got Pregnant From an Affair

She thought it would never happen to her. But after an affair, Audrey Meisner found herself pregnant and having to tell her husband, pastor Bob Meisner, about her infidelity. At first, he stormed out. But God created beauty out of their tragedy—and even restored their marriage. They share their emotional story here.