Ron DeSantis, GOP Nominee for Governor of Florida, Criticized for Saying Voters Shouldn’t ‘Monkey This Up’ by Electing His Black Opponent, Andrew Gillum

Representative Ron DeSantis, the Republican nominee for governor in Florida, drew accusations of using a racist dog whistle on Wednesday after saying in a television interview that voters should not “monkey this up” by electing his opponent, Andrew Gillum, who would be the state’s first […]

WATCH – Condoleezza Rice Defends Kanye West, Destroys his Critics: ‘I’ve Been Black All My Life. You Don’t Have to Tell Me How to Be Black.’

On Wednesday, in conversation with Fox Business Network show host Maria Bartiromo, former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice voiced her opinion on the whole brouhaha stirred up by recent controversial comments made by Kanye West in support of President Trump and on the topic of […]