11-Year-Old Girl from Guatemala Born Without Hands and Abandoned by ‘Ashamed’ Mother at Age Three Writes Powerful Essay Saying ‘I Know God is Good’

Eleven-year-old Cleidy from Guatemala was born with limb difference, missing both hands. In most poor Guatemalan communities, a child with such a disability would be considered inferior, without the hope of any future. In fact, her own mother abandoned her because she was ashamed.

WATCH: During Appearance on “Red Table Talk”, Ayesha Curry Talks Handling Women ‘Lurking, Hoping for Their Moment’ with NBA Superstar Husband Steph Curry

The latest episode of Jada Pinkett Smith’s “Red Table Talk” features Bay Area leading lady Ayesha Curry as well as other powerhouse women in the Curry family — Steph’s mom Sonya, Steph’s sister Sydel, and Callie Rivers, who is engaged to Seth Curry, brother to Steph.