Botham Jean’s Father Says He Forgives Amber Guyger Because ‘That’s What Christ Would Want Us to Do’ and Doesn’t Want to See Her ‘Rot in Hell or in Prison’

Bertrum Jean, the father of Botham Jean, said on Thursday he wished his son’s killer had received a stiffer sentence. But he also said he agreed with his surviving son Brandt, who amid extraordinary scenes in court in Dallas on Wednesday offered forgiveness to former police officer […]

Botham Jean’s Mother Says Her Son’s Hug With Amber Guyger Was ‘Remarkable’ But Should Not be ‘Misconstrued as Complete Forgiveness of Everybody’ as She is Only Just ‘Getting Closer to It’ Herself

The murder trial of a former Dallas cop who shot and killed her unarmed neighbor in his home last year ended in a dramatic gesture of forgiveness. The brother of the victim, Botham Jean, hugged former police officer Amber Guyger — a gesture that brought even the judge […]