Pastor Jack Graham Says He is ‘Very Angry’ That ‘Racism Raised Its Very Ungodly Head’ During First Baptist Church Naples’ Vote for Marcus Hayes Whom He Mentored as Rev. Dwight McKissic Calls Outcome ‘Shameful’ and Suggests Church Should be Disfellowshipped from Southern Baptist Convention

A prominent Southern Baptist church in southwest Florida has acknowledged that “racial prejudice” was a factor in its congregation’s decision not to appoint a black senior pastor candidate.

Kendrick Lamar Articulates What’s Missing from Preaching in the Black Church: Says Pastors Focus On ‘Someone’s Season Approaching,’ but Don’t Teach that God Demands ‘Obedience’ and Will ‘Discipline Us for Every Conscious Choice of Sin’

Last week, hip-hop review site DJBooth posted an analysis of Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar’s respective perspectives on God. The article (which you should read in full) handled the dichotomy skillfully.