Terry Crews Says National Enquirer Owners, AMI, Tried to ‘Silence’ His Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against a Hollywood Agent by ‘Threatening to Publish a Fake Story About Him Sleeping with Two Prostitutes’

Terry Crews (top) has resurfaced old allegations from 2017 that American Media Inc. (boss David Pecker bottom right) threatened to publish what he claims is a false story, in order to stop him talking about a talent agent from a company representing them.

Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Who Would Replace Governor Shamed Over Blackface Photo Denies He Forced Woman Into Oral Sex in His Hotel Room at 2004 Democratic Convention – and Is Then Accused of Lying in His Denial

Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax denied Monday that he forced a woman into oral sex in a hotel room in 2004 during the Democratic National Convention – a claim which further plunged the state’s two top Democrats into crisis.