Mormons Posthumously Baptizing Holocaust Victims and Grandparents of Public Figures, Despite Church Policy


Mormons are posthumously baptizing Holocaust victims as well as grandparents of public figures like Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Steven Spielberg, despite church rules intended to restrict the ceremonies to a member’s ancestors, according to a researcher who has spent two decades monitoring the church’s […]

Tyler Perry Named TV Producer of the Year By ‘The Hollywood Reporter’; Talks Race in Hollywood, Bill Cosby, and Creative Freedom In Feature Interview

Says Tyler Perry, “Some people, they’re in show business, but they’re all about the show and nobody’s paying attention to the business.”
Photographed by Joe Pugliese

At his new Atlanta studio, THR’s TV Producer of the Year opened up about his failure as a onetime used car salesman (“I couldn’t dupe people”), the advice he got from Oprah and inclusion in entertainment: “I don’t think Hollywood is black or white, I […]

Legendary Director Steven Spielberg Weighs In On Oscars Diversity Controversy; Says ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and Idris Elba Should Have Been Nominated, but Omission of Blacks Is Not Due to Racism

Steven Spielberg Getty Images

The three-time Oscar winner, who is nominated this year for ‘Bridge of Spies,’ tells THR that he was “surprised” by the absence of noms for ‘Straight Outta Compton’ and Idris Elba, but opposes “taking votes away from Academy members who have paid their dues and […]