As Violence, Substance Abuse, and Suicide Rates Skyrocket, Ron Hutchcraft Says Native America is ‘One of the Great Commission Tragedies’ and the ‘Unfinished Business’ of the U.S. Church as Only 4% Know Christ After 400 Years

Trauma is a familiar concept in many Native American and First Nation communities. Suicide claims Native lives at three to four times the rate of other U.S. ethnic groups. Substance abuse rates and incidents of violence against women are sky-high, too.

‘Triumphant Mercy Lebanon’ Holds Bible Studies and Provides Informal Education for Syrian Refugees Struggling in Hostile Lebanon

The Lebanese government continues to increase pressures on Syrian refugees to return to Syria. Attempts to send Syrians home include raids on refugee camps, arrests at checkpoints, and restricting refugees to temporary settlements. Another glitch–refugees need to carry legal papers. However, the necessary papers are often […]

Open Doors CEO Slams U.S. Churches for ‘Slumbering’ and ‘Feeding Itself to Death’ as Christians Worldwide Are Being Murdered for Their Faith

On May 18, extremists in Nigeria interrupted a church choir practice and abducted 17 Christians. They are being ransomed and might never see their families again. Some of the Christian women may be sold into slavery or raped and forced to marry the jihadist. It’s the latest attack […]