WATCH: Stevie Wonder Serenades Michelle Obama on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Michelle Obama was left teary-eyed after Stevie Wonder serenaded her with a medley of his greatest hits, singing ‘you’ll always be First Lady in our minds’.

Mrs Obama appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night in her final, pre-inauguration television appearance.

The First Lady was emotional as Wonder dedicated his musical set to her with special versions of his hit songs Isn’t She Lovely and My Cherie Amour.

‘I love you Michelle,’ the music legend started off. ‘I must tell you, I wrote this song but I changed the words a little.

‘My Michelle amour, lovely as a summer day. My Michelle amour, as sweet as flowers bloom in May.

My Michelle amour, you’re the only one that we adore,’ he sang.

‘You’ll always be first lady in our minds.’


Following Wonder’s performance, he joined Fallon and Mrs Obama on the couch as he sang: ‘I’m holding the First Lady’s hand, don’t tell the President but I’m holding the First Lady’s hand.’

Wonder told of the first time he met Barack Obama when he was running for senator.

‘We talked about me doing a benefit for him. I said to him… let’s pray you become President of the United States. Prayers do come true. That was a magical moment,’ Wonder said.


‘And to have a wonderful Queen as his wife,’ he said of Michelle.

Mrs Obama recalled how she met her husband through their love of the music legend.

‘That was prerequisite. He had to be able to play ball and he had to like Stevie Wonder,’ she said.


In the hour-long episode, which was dedicated mostly to Mrs Obama, she spoke about how emotional it was for her family as they prepare to leave the White House after eight years.

‘I feel like crying right now,’ she said. ‘It’s been surprisingly emotional for all of us in ways that we didn’t expect.’

Michelle revealed that her eldest daughter Malia wanted to cry the whole way through her dad’s farewell address on Tuesday night, while youngest daughter Sasha had to miss it because of a final exam.

‘Sorry, take your test – you can say goodbye later,’ Mrs Obama joked of her daughter missing the momentous occasion.


She added that she was available to give advice and support to future first lady Melania Trump and her family for as long as they want it.

‘This democracy is not about party. We’re all trying to get things done,’ she said.

‘I’m available to Melania, to Ivanka so they get through this healthy. Families need to be protected in this.’


She revealed the First Lady before her, Laura Bush, was open to giving advice to her eight years ago and she wanted to do the same for the Trump family.

‘It is not about demonizing the other side,’ Mrs Obama said. ‘We’re trying to emulate that decency.

We’re going to be supportive to the Trump administration.’

She added: ‘We’ll be here to help them as much as they want to be helped.’


When she spoke about what was next for her after leaving the White House, Michelle said she planned to stay involved in all of the initiatives she had put in place ‘as long as I live.’

Michelle specifically mentioned her school lunch program as one of the initiatives she wants to see continue with the change of government.

‘I hope it does not get touched because that makes sense,’ she said.

She got choked up when she spoke about children in America.


‘When I think about the fact that some of them are afraid about what’s to come,’ she said. ‘I don’t want them to be afraid. I want them to embrace the future and know that the world is getting better.

‘We have bumps in the road, we have ups and downs. But I want our kids to move forward, I don’t care where they come from, with strength and with hope.’

Comedians Jerry Seinfeld and Dave Chappelle later joined Fallon and Obama on the show to play ‘Catchphrase’ after the First Lady helped the host write his ‘thank you’ notes for the week.

‘Thank you Barack, for proving you’re not a lame duck… but my very own silver fox,’ Michelle wrote to a loud applause.


Fallon hit back with: ‘Thank you first lady Michelle Obama, for bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘the right to bear arms’.’

An earlier segment in the show featured ‘regular people’ that had been invited on to the show to film a message for Michelle in front of a portrait of the First Lady.


They were filmed saying their message before Michelle came out from behind a curtain to surprise them with a hug.


Source: Daily Mail UK