Nick Cannon’s Younger Brothers Are All Living for Jesus and Praying for Him to Come Back to God

Gabe Cannon

Turn on on the TV, scroll through the Internet, or flip through a magazine and chances are at some point you’ve seen the name and face of Nick Cannon. The multi-talented actor, comedian, host, rapper, and entrepreneur is among Hollywood’s most known and well-liked personalities.

Ask about Nick’s family and you’ll immediately think of ex-wife Mariah Carey and their twins. But beneath the noise and the chaos of a public life lies the heart of Nick, his family, and in this article, a God-fearing brother named Gabe, who shares his experiences with his famous brother and his own transition from partying little bro to a bar spitting Christian rapper who wants to see Nick’s platform be used for the Lord.

There was a time when Gabe was thrilled to just be identified as “Nick’s little brother,” and while he’ll still gladly accept that, he wants people to know that he’s on a new journey, one ordained by God.

“I felt a calling, but am I alone in this journey,” said Gabe, as he was in a world that didn’t understand a calling to Jesus. “[God said] If you ain’t obedient, I’m gonna call someone else.”

Gabe, Nick, and their other brothers, Reuben and Caleb, grew up in the church and grew up making music from an early age. Their father used to grab the video camera and perform church songs with the kids. The Cannon boys would also do skits and make little movies.

The camera was always rolling and it’s there where Nick must have caught the entertainment bug.

(Exclusive clip) Watch the Cannon brothers and their father perform below:

As it became evident that Nick would become a star, the brothers made an “idol” out of their older brother.

They were a humble family from North Carolina, and now all of a sudden, Nick is in Hollywood on Nickelodeon.

“Dang he’s made it. We couldn’t believe it, it was impossible,” Gabe shared. “We’re back home and in our mind, everything changed. Now we want to go out in L.A. with Nick. We started to put on talent shows and try to develop our talent because we knew Nick was going to take us.”

He continued, “We idolized him. He’s already the big brother…everything he does. The clothes he wore were cool. He used to write our music, and we wanted to be just like him.”

Gabe said he was even trying to talk like Nick. Whatever Nick did they had to do and whatever Nick said, was funny.

“He would say, ‘You need to stop laughing at stuff that’s not funny’.”

In school and around peers, the brothers wanted everyone to know that they were Nick’s brother. Gabe said he brought in a magazine cover to school and told the class that Nick was his brother. As expected, the class laughed at him and made fun of him for “lying.”

“I always felt like I had something to prove.”

“As Nick got more famous and we moved to Hollywood, everybody already knew that Nick Cannon’s brothers were coming,” said Gabe. “The girls had us picked out to be their boyfriends, and made up in their mind what we look like. They thought they had an idea.”

The one problem that Gabe has was that he looks nothing like Nick. “I’m a 6’3 dark skinned dude and don’t look like Nick and you see their faces and feel like they’re disappointed.”

Gabe Cannon poses with his older brother Nick Cannon for a photo.

He said he started to expand his characteristics to be more like Nick so they would believe him.

“I completely lost who I was,” he revealed. “God has shown it to me now. Now I’m trying to live up to everybody’s expectations instead of my brother’s.”

As the young Cannon brothers were now navigating their way in Hollywood, the house parties drinking, and girls were plenty. Everything was in excess, and Nick was always getting stuff first before it came out.

“We got a true dosage of life,” he said. “Everybody was our ‘friend’ but there was nothing just for us. It wasn’t genuine. Even relationships with girls.”

Gabe explained that girls were just notches on his belt. It became how he filled himself up.

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SOURCE: Rapzilla, Justin Sarachik