Dr. Richard Land Tells Roy Moore he Needs to Take a Lie Detector Test

Richard Land / Roy Moore
Richard Land / Roy Moore

by Dr. Richard D. Land

Dear Judge Roy Moore

It is with a heavy heart that I feel compelled to communicate with you concerning the controversy that has engulfed your candidacy for the United States Senate from Alabama.

We were both born within three months of each other and we both graduated from college in 1969 (West Point for you, Princeton for me). Before God called me into the ministry during my sophomore year in high school I wanted to go to West Point, in which case we would have been classmates. By the way, thank you for your honorable service in our nation’s armed forces.

We both have been Baptists for more than half a century. We both, for most of our professional careers, have sought as professing Christians, to bring our faith convictions to bear on public policy issues. Indeed, we have occasionally shared the same platforms.

As you know, we have often disagreed over the years, especially on issues related to religious liberty and the proper relation of the institution of the church and the institution of the state. However, I have always admired your tenacity in defending your convictions, often in the face of withering criticism.

The accusations brought forward against you in recent days are causing great harm to your Senate candidacy. However, the issue is far more serious than that. When we proclaim our faith in Christ and declare ourselves to be His disciples, then whenever our character and behavior are questioned it is not just our reputations, but His, that is brought into question in the public eye.

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SOURCE: Christian Post