‘Black Panther’ Actress Sope Aluko Says Cast Testified About God’s Miracles on Film Set

Sope Aluko, a Christian actress who has landed a role in the upcoming “Black Panther” blockbuster, said that she and her fellow actors testified about God’s miracles on the set of the movie.

Aluko will play Shaman in the Marvel Studios film based off of the Black Panther superhero that will arrive in theaters on Feb. 16. When speaking about being cast alongside the likes of renowned actors Lupita Nyong’o, Michael B. Jordan, and Forest Whitaker, Aluko revealed that breaks on set were almost like church.

“It felt very familiar and like home. We had early call times but I didn’t even feel the long set hours because it was such a good time,” she told OkayAfrica Friday. “I didn’t feel like I was amongst stars, everyone was so down to earth and normal. During breaks we shared our testimony of how we got to where [we] did and most of the people were testifying to God’s miracles, it was almost like church.”

Aluko often uses her social media platforms to post Bible verses.

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SOURCE: Christian Post