Pastor Andrew Brunson ‘Mocked for His Love for Jesus’ by Prisoners in Overcrowded Turkish Cell

As the trial of American Pastor Andrew Brunson in Turkey continues, details have emerged describing how he has been mocked for his faith in Jesus Christ in overcrowded cells.

“A friend of mine has stayed in contact with his wife and shared more of the details of Andrew’s story with me. For the most part of his prison time, he has been in an overcrowded cell, being mocked by fellow prisoners who persistently ridicule him for his love for Jesus,” said Cary Hughes, lead pastor of Risen Life Church in Melbourne, Florida, in a article on Sunday.

“The room is intended for eight people — and it houses 22,” he added.

Brunson, who has been held in jail in Turkey since December 2016 on what watchdog groups say are false charges of espionage and terrorism, could face up to 35 years if convicted. The pastor, who led a small congregation in Izmir for the past two decades before his arrest, has denied all charges.

Brunson faced an 11-hour hearing on Monday at Izmir Criminal Court, where a video of a Middle Eastern dish that Brunson’s daughter sent him from the U.S. was viewed as evidence, before he was remanded back to prison.

His next hearing is scheduled for July 18.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has demanded that the U.S. hand over Islamic cleric Fethullah Gulen, who resides in Pennsylvania, in exchange for Brunson, as the Turkish government blames Gulen for a failed 2016 coup attempt.

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SOURCE: Christian Post