DC Comics Turns Batman from His Christian Background to Atheist

Batman, one of DC Comics’ most recognizable fictional heroes, no longer believes in God in the latest comic book issue.

SPOILERS for Batman #53 are included below:

ScreenRant shared the storyline details for Batman #53, released on Wednesday, which comes at the conclusion of comic writer Tom King’s post-Catwoman/Batman wedding arc.

In the story, Catwoman leaves Batman, whose secret identity is billionaire Bruce Wayne, at the altar. This leaves Wayne in a questioning state, where he explores his life and reflects on his theological background — he had been raised as a Christian by his father, Thomas.

In one exchange with another character, Wayne is asked, “Do you believe in God?” to which he replies, “I used to.”

He reflects that his father “held hallow the immortal soul, Heaven, the Father and the Son.”

His father also believed in “giving your will to your Lord, trusting Him with that will.”

Wayne notes that he “put aside believing in a deity — or believing in anything my father thought had saved him.”

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Stoyan Zaimov