In Interview, Sarah Palin Says She’ll ‘Remember the Good Times’ With John McCain, but Says Senator Was ‘Surrounded by Disloyal People Who Didn’t Serve him Well’

Sarah Palin gave John McCain’s campaign an enormous boost when she first joined as his vice presidential running mate in 2008.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin says late Senator John McCain will be remembered as an American hero but admits it was ‘unfortunate’ that he was surrounded by people ‘who weren’t serving him well,’ during their run for office.

McCain died at his Arizona home at 4:28pm on Saturday surrounded by his wife Cindy, and their family.

In an exclusive interview with DailyMailTV, Palin, 54, and her husband Todd, 53, reflected on her time as McCain’s running mate during the 2008 presidential election and revealed her frustration over his political hangers-on.

‘I respect his military service. I think it’s unfortunate that he had people around him – and they continued to be around him for a very long time – who weren’t serving him well,’ she said.

‘They certainly weren’t serving the country well with what they were trying to do.’

‘I believe he was told things about what America really wanted or really needed because he’s been in that DC bubble for so many years.

‘I don’t think inherently he necessarily was really connected, so he did rely on people telling him – in polls – telling him and…he went from there.

‘I think that’s unfortunate because he had some strange people around him and..disloyal people, and you know, I don’t say that as like hate speech or griping about it, it’s just a fact they were just some not nice people.’

Todd added: ‘But when she was doing debate prep for a big debate with Biden or just wanted to talk about some issue, she could have like four or five people around her with all the cue cards and all this and sit there for hours and not accomplish much.

‘But sit in the back of the bus with John and her and it was awesome to watch. So, I just respected John and he had a huge heart you know.’

Sarah said McCain had agreed with her about not letting other people ‘mold you into something you’re not.’

‘You can’t do that. You can’t be insincere and not genuine and accomplish what needs to be done, but yeah, that was a huge lesson,’ she said.

‘If it was just John McCain and me, or just our families together it was awesome. Those were the good times. ‘

When asked on what she believed was McCain’s political legacy, she said the senator will be remembered in high respects for his military service.

‘The unfortunate part about it will be that I think some of the people around him- still try to undermine us.

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SOURCE: Daily Mail, by Karen Ruiz