Thirteen Sudanese Christian Converts Arrested and Tortured for ‘Apostasy’

Last month, some 13 Christians were arrested and tortured in Darfur, Sudan. Their crime? Leaving the Islamic faith and vowing to follow Jesus Christ. The group was alleged to have been taken from a home in the highly volatile Darfur region, seized as punishment for their conversion to Christianity and subsequent “apostasy.”

According to International Christian Concern, the captives were brutally tortured by authorities, who hoped this would convince the group to revert back to Islam.

Sudan is still known to be one of the most heavily persecuted nations in the world, with Open Doors listing it as the fourth most hostile environment on earth for Christians. According to the Catholic News Agency, pastor Tajadin Idris Yousef, the leader of the group, was hauled before the courts and charged with apostasy and refusing to recant his faith.

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SOURCE: CBN, by Will Maule