Marty Jean-Louis, Founder of International Christian Film & Music Festival, Launches Family-Friendly Streaming Service, 24 Flix

A new family-friendly streaming platform called 24 Flix is offering a variety of films at what they say is a much lower price than other streaming services.

24 Flix is a Netflix-style streaming service spearheaded by Marty Jean-Louis, founder of the International Christian Film & Music Festival. The platform’s aim is to offer family-friendly entertainment free of profanity, sex and nudity, with a max rating of PG-13.

The site offers 100 classic films and TV series, including “Bonanza,” “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” and the “Superman” TV show.

Much like Netflix and Amazon, 24 Flix also provides original content. Among its faith-based original titles are “The Gospel According to Matthew,” “TCS Live” (hosted by “War Room” actor TC Stallings), and “Esther and the King,” among others.

Below is an edited transcript of The Christian Post‘s interview with Marty Jean-Louis who reveals why he wanted to start a family-friendly streaming service.

CP: First, will you briefly share your testimony?

Jean-Louis: My dad was the pastor of a small church and gave me a camera to tape his sermons. When my parents were not around, my brother and I would “borrow” the camera to make movies. So from the age of 9 years old, I’ve loved being behind a camera. Many years later, I started a ministry called My Christian Films where we focused on doing TV shows and short films. A few years after that, we started the International Christian Film & Music Festival which has become the largest Christian film festival in the world.

Following all of that, we wanted to give filmmakers a platform in which they could put their projects, so we started 24 Flix.

At the time, it was an online 24/7 TV channel. But after some feedback, we shut the TV station down and remained a media company. Last year, It was heavy on my heart to start a Netflix style streaming network that would focus on family-friendly entertainment.

CP: What made you want to launch 24 Flix?

Jean-Louis: During our film festival I had a lot of filmmakers that reached out to me for help to get distribution. It’s really difficult to get a film distributed and I tried so hard to help. I had some success, but most of the time I wasn’t able to help. And I would feel terrible because I know that their films were pretty good and I know there are so many others like that — films that deserve a good home. We want to be that home where we can encourage filmmakers to make wholesome family-friendly films.

A survey I read said 80 percent of Americans want to see more family-friendly films in the theaters, television and online. I felt it was God speaking to me and asking me to provide that platform that has no profanity, sex, or nudity. To provide clean content that families can watch together.

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SOURCE: Christian Post, Jeannie Law