House Judiciary Committee Approves Spending for 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund After Speech by Comedian Jon Stewart

Long-term funding for the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund is a step closer to reality after the House Judiciary Committee approved the spending bill on Wednesday – a day after a stinging and sometimes-emotional scolding by comedian Jon Stewart.

“Your indifference cost these men and women their most valuable commodity—time! It’s the one thing they’re running out of,” Stewart said during the subcommittee hearing.

“They responded in five seconds. They did their jobs – with courage, grace, tenacity, humility. Eighteen years later – do yours,” he asserted.

Steward, who has advocated for the fund for years, was incensed when an entire row of committee seats was empty during his testimony. Every seat behind Stewart was filled with first responders.

At one point, the room erupted into applause as Stewart suggested the hearing roles should be reversed.

“This hearing should be flipped. These men and women should be up on this stage, Congress should be down here answering their questions as to why this is so d*** hard and takes so d*** long,” Stewart said.

The fund was established in 2010 to assist those who developed illnesses while working at Ground Zero, where toxic fumes and dust lingered for weeks. It was last renewed in 2015 and is set to expire in December.

According to Fox News, more than 40,000 people have applied to the fund, which also covers the Pentagon and Shanksville, Pennsylvania sites. Of the $7.4 billion appropriated to the fund, more than $5 billion in benefits have been awarded, with about 21,000 claims pending.

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines