Michael Youssef’s Leading The Way Sets 2025 Goal to See 1 Million People Accept Christ

Meha* looked both ways before two members of the Leading The Way field team smuggled her through the back door of the church — aware that government police, many of them Muslims, were stationed at the front. But this secret meeting was necessary for her to get the answers she needed:

“Are you ready to receive Jesus in your life?” the field team asked.

“I am still struggling with calling Jesus my Lord,” Meha answered.

“Lord, show her that You are the Lord and that Satan is trying to stop her from taking this step to accept You,” one field team member prayed.

For seven years, Meha, a 31-year-old woman from Egypt, had been secretly watching THE KINGDOM SAT, Leading The Way’s 24/7 TV channel that broadcasts God’s Word into the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.

“I faithfully followed the programmes and began to understand what Christianity meant. I finally understood the Trinity, the blood of Jesus, His resurrection, and His second coming. Long after I would turn off the TV, I felt peace in my soul. I started reading the Bible in secret. I was so impacted by Dr. Michael Youssef and the other programs on the channel. The only obstacle I faced was to confess Jesus as my Lord.”

Desperate for answers, she reached out to Leading The Way’s field team with her questions, and after the meeting, went home to think about what had happened.

One week later, she prayed, “Prove that You are my Lord.” 

Immediately, the phone rang. It was the Leading The Way field team calling to check on her.

“You are the sign I asked for!” she said. “Now I am ready to accept Jesus as my Lord.”

More than 257 million people in the Middle East are unreached by the Gospel — and satellite TV is one of the most effective ways to engage them. Meha is just one of millions of people God is reaching through Leading The Way’s Vision 2025 initiative — including many who risk extreme persecution for their faith.

“Our Vision 2025 goal to see one million souls saved guides our work each and every day,” says Dr. Michael Youssef, Founder and President of Leading The Way. “It’s exciting to watch God use Leading The Way to spark revival in hearts here at home and around the world.”

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SOURCE: Assist News, Peter Wooding