Bible-centered Trauma Healing Program Helps Trauma Survivors Find Healing and Hope in God

(Photo courtesy of Wycliffe USA)

Many Christians going through difficult times find comfort in Scripture. However, in traumatic circumstances, finding peace in God’s Word isn’t always easy. And there’s a reason why.

Amy Fields works with SIL International and Wycliffe Bible Translators USA on Bible-based trauma healing. She explains, “Trauma is anything that causes people fear, a sense of helplessness, or horror. This can come about as a result of things as serious as going through your civil war or rape. But it can also come about as a result of something as common as losing your health, losing your job, or perhaps a natural disaster, things like that.

“When a person is traumatized…there is actually a block that comes about between their head and their heart. It makes it to where they are literally not able to get anything out of Scripture at that point.”

Around 20 years ago, SIL developed this Bible-based trauma healing program in Central Africa amidst the throes of civil war.

“The pastors came to SIL at that time and said, ‘We don’t know what’s wrong with our people. They are hearing God’s Word, but it’s like they can’t apply it to their lives.’”

The pastors asked for a program that would help people see how the Bible addresses big questions and can help deal with trauma specifically.

“The trauma healing program is a Scripture engagement tool,” Fields explains. “It’s basically a way that churches can help people to see that Scripture is practical, not just for the big crises,…and helps them to be using the Bible more effectively.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News, Lyndsey Koh