In Countries of North Africa Where Lies Are Told About Christianity, the Light of Christ Begins to Shine — Big Time

In the countries of North Africa where only a scant few have heard the Gospel, Muslims are taught that Christians worship three gods including the Virgin Mary, and they routinely hear that the Bible is riddled with major textual corruptions.

Samir Abdelnour* had heard all these things, but it irked him that Muslim teachers would forbid him from reading the Bible or asking questions about the Koran. Hard-pressed to find any Christians in his city, the Muslim in his young 20s began to find answers about the Bible and Christianity by watching satellite-transmitted, Christian TV programs and surfing the Internet.

On one website he signed up to receive a copy of the Bible, and the native ministry that sponsors the site sent a team worker to meet with him.

“They met up, and our worker explained to him the truth of the Bible and Islam,” the ministry director said. “He was so astonished and touched with all the truth concerning Jesus that finally he accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior.”

While the Bible alone has been known to lead some people to faith in Christ, amid the region’s miasma of misinformation a personal connection cannot be underestimated; one question leads to another, and nothing short of face-to-face answers will do. Following up with those who contact the website, native missionaries travel to different regions of the country and pray for those they meet. In an area once closed to the Gospel, they recently saw three people baptized.

In another area, 11 new Christians took baptism. Further east, 32 people put their faith in Christ. Elsewhere, a church of 36 Christians saw six new people receive Christ.

“The ministry’s aim is to to disciple new Christians and start worship groups, to see them develop into churches and reach out to their communities,” the director said. “Despite persecution, there were many baptisms that took place in different regions of the country.”

More than 103,000 people saw the Jesus film in the past year, and 29,125 people visited the ministry’s websites. The team receives an average 115 phone calls from seekers each month.

Countries in the region have populations that are no more than 2 percent Christian, with most of them under 1 percent. Economic and political unrest in many of the countries, along with an influx of refugees from other areas, has created unprecedented opportunity to introduce people to hope in Christ.

A team from Abdelnour’s country visited another country in the region, where they encouraged a church of 30 people. The director gave thanks to God for their ministry there.

“A local couple who have been separated for 10 years were reconciled through their ministry,” he said. “At the end, a local believer was baptized.”

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SOURCE: Christian Aid Mission