Botham Jean’s Mother Says Her Son’s Hug With Amber Guyger Was ‘Remarkable’ But Should Not be ‘Misconstrued as Complete Forgiveness of Everybody’ as She is Only Just ‘Getting Closer to It’ Herself

The murder trial of a former Dallas cop who shot and killed her unarmed neighbor in his home last year ended in a dramatic gesture of forgiveness. The brother of the victim, Botham Jean, hugged former police officer Amber Guyger — a gesture that brought even the judge to tears.

In an interview with CBS News’ Omar Villafranca, the victim’s mother, Allison Jean, said she was surprised by the moment her 18-year-old son Brandt offered forgiveness to his brother’s killer.

“What he did today, was remarkable, and he did it all on his own,” she said. “What Brandt did was to cleanse his heart towards Amber … I do not want it to be misconstrued as a complete forgiveness of everybody.”

She said there is plenty of blame to go around for the murder of her son Botham, not just with Guyger. In her eyes, multiple Texas agencies share the responsibility.

Jean family attorney Daryl Washington says Brandt showed Guyger the compassion Botham would have given.

“If Amber Guyger had of just spoke to Botham when she walked in the apartment, Botham would have been the type of guy to say, let me get you a bowl, join me, have some ice cream,” Washington said.

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