5 Services That Will Come In Handy For Your Education

The educational domain has been effectively boosted by the innovative and remarkable era of technological and information explosion. Currently, you don’t need to travel to Europe to get a hold of the best education. Ideally, you can benefit from the services of lectures by eminent professors from the various top universities and research paper writing tools to help you out from the comfort of your home. 

What’s more, you can subsequently ask questions as well as share your opinions with them all without ever leaving your premises. These education options and provisions are offered by several distinct educational websites that this excerpt will comprehensively cover.

Reliable internet connection, access to a computer, as well as a few hours during your free time is all that you need to learn virtually any course of your choice be it medicine, communication, IT, Business, Marketing, or even Arts among many others. All you need to do is enroll in your chosen online course and systematically do assignments.

When it comes to interactive sites, your sex, physical location, physical abilities, or social standing, do not come into play. In fact, these sites allow everybody to learn on their own, undertaking several interesting assignments as well as furthering their knowledge by taking small quizzes and tests.

The course duration is dependent on the particular course you choose as well as the institution. Usually, some courses can take just two weeks while others can take up to a year and beyond. Similarly, several educational services not only offer you access to their various resources, but they also issue you with a certificate as a confirmation that you have undertaken and completed a particular course.

Looking at these rapid advancements in the online educational service niche not to mention the fast increase in popularity, it would be right to say that there is enough reason to expect that these platforms will seriously rival traditional education as a significant educational option.

Some of the services that seem to be on course to achieve this feat and which can come in handy for your learning include:

1. Udacity

This is an online education platform that is suited for individuals who are inclined to studying pure sciences rather than humanities. If you like humanities though and you are wondering where do I do my online course, there are several accessible and accredited essay writing services online where university students who major in pure sciences can get some assistance in their assignment writing.

Anyway, Udacity offers various courses including cryptography, physics, programming languages, as well as robotics. The highlight with this platform is that besides university professors, there are also multiple specialists from numerous major corporations like Microsoft and Google, who also offer their services here. The other advantage of this platform is that you need not always be connected to the internet to access it.

2. Coursera.org

In a simple definition, Coursera represents a distinct educational platform considered among the most excellent online educational platforms available. This site offers lectures on various disciplines including medicine, politics, biology, sociology, history, economics, jurisprudence, informatics, mathematics, music, design, and management, not to mention numerous other disciplines.

The lectures here are uploaded by over 110 educational worldwide institutions that include Preston and Stanford Universities, University of London, and the University of Lausanne among many others.

3. Udemy

Another remarkable educational tool online worth checking out is Udemy. This platform is particularly great since it affords numerous video classes both free and paid. What’s more, this platform is among the various top-notch teacher websites particularly because it offers you the chance to earn some income by becoming a teacher.

Various leading specialists and experts offer distance learning on Udemy. Surprisingly, some of the teachers on this platform include the famous Facebook founder, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, among other industry leaders within the IT industry.

Furthermore, besides the programming and web development lectures, you can find lectures on other disciplines like photography and art, hobbies, fitness and health, needlework, linguistics, music, as well as entrepreneurship among other courses.

4. EDX.org

Typically, EDX is an independent project from two best Ivy League universities, mainly MIT and Harvard University. In this platform, the knowledge is offered without you having to sit for admission exams and is usually free of charge.

The site offers lectures offered by various other institutions beyond the two leading founding universities including Cambridge as well as the Berkeley-based University of California on multiple courses such as electronics, computer science, artificial intelligence, chemistry, and programming among many others.

Each course description outlines the precise requirements a student needs to fulfill, although these are simply recommendations from the various course authors.

5. FutureLearn.com

This is a global online learning service. This site offers distinct educational information on a diverse array of disciplines that include art, psychology, history, and medicine. The materials are usually available in English, and the quality is impeccable.


With the remarkable advancements in technology, acquiring an education and knowledge has become quite easy. In essence, unlike before, you can enroll, learn, and complete your favorite course without having to enter campus corridors…all you need is the internet, a computer and you are all set!

Various institutions have developed several services to help you realize your dream, some of which have been outlined here and it is therefore up to you to identify which service works best for you. Hopefully, you can find a tool among these few options listed here to help you pursue your course.

Good luck!

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Jeff Blaylock is a renowned personal development coach and an accredited freelance author. He is the holder of a Master’s degree in Psychology. Besides authoring, Jeff is also involved in many motivational programs helping individuals cultivate their personality.